Monday, July 13, 2015

Playroom Inspiration Board

Hi friends! Sorry for the radio silence... We have been prepping the new house to move in and finally did so this past weekend!  Most of our belongings are still packed away in storage AND the kitchen is not completed.  If I stop and think about all of the disorganization and chaos I start breaking out into hives. Ah!!!  However, this Momma bird is grateful to have her nest back even though it is under construction!

I am so anxious to get Evie's playroom together because sister girl has 2,000 toys scattered all over the floor as we speak.  She went through some of the stored boxes and found tons of her old toys.  She kept thanking Dustin and I because she thought they were all presents.  She is a trip! Most of them are baby toys, so we will be donating those and organizing the rest.  

Let's talk about the playroom.. I am currently obsessed with Scandinavian-style kid's rooms.  The simplicity of their aesthetic and pop of color really speak to me.  Disney character posters and matchy-matchy furniture pieces are not my jam.  So, here is what I am planning for the playroom:

Playroom Inspiration Board

key pieces:

DIY dress up rack

Moroccan rug (I got this rug for a steal @ 75% OFF!!)

chalkboard wall 

art easel

Have a fabulous week, guys!!   Sloane

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