Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kitchen Island Lighting

Happy New Year, lovelies!  

We've spent the first week and a half of the new year organizing and purging and it feels great!  I really should be banned from online shopping for Evangelene's clothes.  I took pictures of most of her baby clothes that was only worn once and will try to list it on Ebay.  Has anyone had success doing this or advice?!?  I will donate some of it but can't part with many items that are nicer and only worn one time.  

Moving on to the house renovation...I have been obsessively online shopping for lighting lately (shocker!) and was pleasantly surprised by how many affordable designer options there are out there.  We need pendants for our kitchen island and I really want them to be bold statement pieces.  All of these are gorgeous and are all under $250....#4 is only $24.99!  Such a steal!  

1. wayfair  $146

2. lamps plus $202

3. lighting direct $234

4. ikea $24

6. wayfair $149

7. schoolhouse electric $216

Which one would you choose?  I am really digging the globe pendants...It will be so hard to pick!


  1. I love them all!!! 1 & 5 may be my favorites. Good luck deciding. :)

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    2. Thanks for your feedback! I think I will order one of each then decide! 😜 lol