Tuesday, July 9, 2019

We have a Pre-schooler! Backpack Roundup!

I can't believe I am typing this but my baby starts Pre-K3 next month!!  So many mixed emotions over here.  I know she will absolutely love school but so sad that she is big enough to wear a uniform! Holy moly!!

I have to admit that I secretly love shopping for uniforms and school supplies....I found the cutest little backpacks while shopping around... Most of these are currently on SALE!! 



Evie picked out #4 for herself.  It is precious and the perfect shade of pink!

Happy shopping, Mommas!


Friday, May 31, 2019

Our San Antonio Trip!

Hey friends! It's been a while!  We got back from San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and it's been a whirlwind since.....Many of our friends have asked for recommendations for their upcoming trip--- so here it is!

Day One:  River Walk
We arrived in San Antonio after 4pm.  Checked into our hotel and headed over to the River Walk.  Our first stop was at a little restaurant, Cafe Ole.. We sat along the river and enjoyed Happy Hour with chips & queso and margaritas!  Afterwards, we walked along the river until we got tired and then hopped on a Rio Cruise River Boat.  The tour was very enjoyable and the perfect duration for a 3 year old's attention span-- (about 30 minutes.)  Stopped for fro-yo before heading back to the hotel.  

I can't say enough good things about this place... this was the highlight of our trip!  We showed up around 10am and drove through the ranch twice!  They give you one bag of food at the gate, but we decided to purchase one more just in case.  Glad we did!  Make sure to have enough storage on your phone to record your kiddos feeding the Emus... hilarious!! 

Our selfie with a coudou!

The rest of our day was spent visiting family in Austin.  Never realized how close the two cities were!

Day Three:  The Alamo & Kiddie Park & Carriage Ride
Toured the grounds for a little over an hour.. Unfortunately, we did not get to participate in the audio tour because little Evie wanted to run through the place!  We couldn't get her away from the beautiful fountain in the courtyard.

Next, was the Kiddie Park.  It's an amusement park where toddlers can ride everything.  You pay $13 for a bracelet and the kiddos just hop from ride-to-ride.  Adults can ride the carousel for free.  Great pre-nap activity!  

After naps, we took a Carriage ride tour around the downtown area.  Of course Miss Evangelene picked the Cinderella themed carriage!

San Antonio is a wonderful city and we can't wait for our next trip! We stayed at the Crockett Hotel which is only steps away from the Alamo. Perfect location, very friendly staff and their free breakfast is hard to beat.  

We were so excited to use the waffle maker every morning!

What's the saying? If travel were free, you'd never see me again!  That's exactly how we feel.  :)

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Interior Design Book Roundup!

One of my favorite presents to give and receive is an interior design book.  They are great accessories for coffee tables/shelves but more importantly, helpful sources of inspiration when you are needing to tszuj up a room!  Here are my picks...I cannot wait to get my paws on the newest Domino book!  

Left to Right:  DOMINO (new)  /  THE HEIGHT OF STYLE /  DOMINO 



Thursday, April 18, 2019

Evie's Swimsuit Wishlist

Hey there, friends!!  It's been a while!  Sweet summertime is almost upon us, and we've decided this year would be a summer of road trips! Instead of 7-10 consecutive days on 1 trip, we are attempting to take long weekend trips along I-10.  We went to Biloxi a couple of weeks ago and this weekend we are headed to San Antonio/Austin!  

Evie needs new swimsuits since she grew like 2 inches since Christmas, so she and I went through different websites and picked out her faves!  There were at least 30 so I narrowed it down to 7!  These are all so stinkin' cute!! And she thinks the postman will deliver them all before the trip.  Oops!! Not my smartest idea.....

3. Gap 

4. Gap

7. Old Navy 

Where are you guys headed this summer!?! 



Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spring Rug Roundup

Nowadays, there are so many rug options out there.  I love a bright, bold patterned rug, however, neutral rugs can also bring a great deal of personality to a space!  If you are looking for a new fun rug to brighten up your home, you're in luck.  I've found some really gorgeous options for ya!  Happy Sunday, friends!


one  /  two  /  three  /  four  /  five


six  /  seven  /  eight  / nine  /  ten

Friday, March 1, 2019

Spring Refresh: Home Decor

It is so easy to freshen up your home for Spring time with just a small switch-up of accessories.  Here's a roundup of some really great options to get you started!

(left to right):

... jazz up your mantle with these beauties and voila!

.... lovely for a centerpiece or kitchen counter decor--I would use as a vase for some fresh flowers also

....easy shelf addition or coffee table decoration

...a gorgeous floral print pillow to brighten up any space

... a very versatile tray that could essentially be used in any room

... the perfect shelf tchotchke or topper for a stack of books

... a textured pillow in THE color of the season.. blush!

... be on trend with this over-dyed area rug.. brighten up your front door/ kitchen/laundry with this pretty blue carpet

... a great option for a sofa or accent chair table

Happy Monday, friends! Which piece is your favorite?!