Thursday, April 18, 2019

Evie's Swimsuit Wishlist

Hey there, friends!!  It's been a while!  Sweet summertime is almost upon us, and we've decided this year would be a summer of road trips! Instead of 7-10 consecutive days on 1 trip, we are attempting to take long weekend trips along I-10.  We went to Biloxi a couple of weeks ago and this weekend we are headed to San Antonio/Austin!  

Evie needs new swimsuits since she grew like 2 inches since Christmas, so she and I went through different websites and picked out her faves!  There were at least 30 so I narrowed it down to 7!  These are all so stinkin' cute!! And she thinks the postman will deliver them all before the trip.  Oops!! Not my smartest idea.....

3. Gap 

4. Gap

7. Old Navy 

Where are you guys headed this summer!?!